Legendary pancakes at Savoy Boutique hotel's restaurant Mekk

Special pancakes at Savoy Boutique hotel's restaurant Mekk were waiting for our team for a long-long time. And oh, how we were waiting for the moment to finally taste these legendary pancakes! Well, there's a story behind why they're so long awaited and important for us.

Barrett Garese rated them with 6 stars out of 5

As you may have noticed, we are extremely lucky to have Barrett Garese as our Chief Strategy Officer. When he visited Estonia for the very first time, Mekk restaurant pancakes just stole his heart - the best pancakes in the world, he said. Afterwards he couldn't keep his excitement back and simply wrote an ode to Savoy Boutique Hotel (because of the pancakes of course). Taryn Southern approves them as well. So the value of these pancakes rose by itself.

So, Barrett visited us in July for two weeks. And on one glorious day Almondi slightly mentioned the best pancakes in the world and that he'll make a special reservation for Savoy Boutique Hotel restaurant's breakfast for Barrett.

Marita's reaction to that included a lot of questions - how...why......but ME?......what?! Khm, well... After that it was pretty clear that someday we have to go and taste the best pancakes in the world.

However we didn't make it easy for ourselves - we had to earn this exclusive breakfast somehow.

First trailer, then pancakes

So, Almondi and Marita made an agreement - when the trailer for Danger Island is done-finished-done, we'll have a team's breakfast at Savoy Boutique Hotel's restaurant.

And it happened! We hit the goal and celebrated it in the best possible way on Monday morning, at 7.30 AM.

"We said out to treat ourselves for a breakfast of the best goodness once we finish the trailer so we DID IT and we got our treats. At the table we have the beating core and heart of the team that brought the teaser to life." Illustration by our wonderful Marita Liivak.

We got our treats and it was definitely a well spent time. And now it's a thing for our whole team! So now we definitely have an extra common topic and passion to share with Barrett. And yes-yes-yes, we were striving for that special morning.

Oh, and of course you can't miss the result of the hard work - if you haven't seen our trailer yet, then here you go. Take a look and share your thoughts with us:

We are already wondering what special place we will visit after we get the whole movie done?

Stay tuned for our awesome upcoming stories!

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