IMEPILT Studios - just a place for hopeless dreamers?

To a question: "What are you up for in this studio?" it's not possible to throw just a short answer: "Nah, just simply creating cartoons." Although it often gives an audience a clear-cut view of what these crazy Disney fans, in this just another Kopli building's 5th floor studio, are working on. To the question: "Why do you do what you do?" we could briefly respond: "We are realizing dreams." - "Khm...okay. But do you believe in what you do?" - "Well, yeah! And how else?"

The path of the escape - the first milestone in the creation of the studio

IMEPILT Studios was established by Almondi Esco, nearly half and a year ago. The idea is straightly inspired by Almondi's dream, that has grew over the past 15 years into a realizable idea. For our CEO/Chief Creative Officer Almondi the escape from the reality has been an unreplaceable value from already the childhood times. For little Almondi ‘escape’ has never been about running away from something bad, but running towards something better. I bet we all have some kind of drive to run towards something better, something more magnificent - where the magic happens.

His go to escape door was always Disney - where are places of true magic, adventures of the almost impossible, with characters bigger than life and where good always prevails over evil. But do you agree that experiencing these worlds alone isn’t enough? Soon, when he realized it, he started dreaming about his own magical worlds where his own bigger than life characters go on his impossible adventures.

What if you could create these magical worlds by yourself?

In order bring the dream to life, it took nearly 15 years to take the first step towards it. The first step was actually an e-mail with the title "Crazy idea" that Almondi sent to Estonian Rescue Service. And they liked this crazy idea. So, they started of as our first official partner for our animation studio's 3D animated family movie called "Danger Island".

Meet our "Danger Island" movie character Flying Assistant!

Long story short: "Danger Island" is a movie that we are currently hardly working on - to surprise you on 2019, when the movie will be released. In the background we are already thinking about next productions. For now we have created our story universes plan until 2026th year.

A home for hopeless dreamers

IMEPILT is a home for all hopeless dreamers together tirelessly carving out new worlds to escape to. Our team is growing fast and we have the same purpose - to build up the most magical universes in the world and invite you, all the hopeless dreamers on our adventures. However, if for some weird reason we would have in our team someone who's not a fan of would be hard - and by that we mean not for us, just because we listen Disney movies soundtracks for about 60% of time in our studio...and sometimes even sing along!

So, recently we managed to come to work like THIS - we were all exactly matching - wearing blue jeans a white shirt and white socks. Illustration by our Production Designer Marita Liivak.

I personally (Haho, the responsible for marketing) think that we have an amazing synergy in our team. And I feel that mostly it's shaped by the mission and big dreams that we have in common. For us it's not just a project that can be done in a day or week or month or even a year - it's a job, but mostly it's a passion, it's an inner drive to create magical universes where all of you can escape to and there's actually no ending point. While creating these stories and universes we can actually inspire you, give you hope, joy and powerful experiences, while doing what we love the most. And if someone asks, if we still believe in what we are doing, then the answer is: "Hell, yeah! And how else!"

Stay tuned and let's escape together to our story universes!

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