Movie release: 2021

Danger  Island  is  an   adventure  packed

animated family movie  and  game,   that

takes us to a lonely island  laboratory  of

an outcast mad scientist, Professor Kaos.

There a nerdy single father with  his  two

children  must  join  ranks  with   a   lone

special  forces  agent,  to escape the  mad

professor's   vindictive  experiment  with

the deadliest forces of nature.

Movie release: 2022

In R0B0T1C, C1TY every robot dreams of winning the annual dance contest. R0LL1 is no different, but
he has one big problem: he's a totally round robot with no arms or legs. How far can R0LL1 go when all he can do is roll?

Movie release: 2026

OTTinSPACE is sci-fi adventure about a teenage boy living in a salvage yard who builds a space ship in order to escape his world and rescue his abducted parents.


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