Hi there! I'm Flaia, the flying assistant.

It's sooooo great to meet you. Oh... do you know I play one of the leading roles in an upcoming amaaaazing animated feature called Danger Island. 

Check out our Trailer 

Oh, but wait until you hear the whole story ↓

So. In the middle of the sea there is this Danger Island right!? And on this island Professor Kaos has built a weather controlling machine and plans

to take over the world. But wait! Unexpectedly a lone special forces lady Agent Pi together with a workaholic father Tim and his science wiz daughter Hanna also end up on the same island. And guess what? Yeah... they become the only force who could stop the mad professor from realizing his evil plan.


Exciting right? Well, guess what... you can be a part of it  


Let's integrate you into the movie.

Yap, your brand into my story for everyone to see.

Like this:

Why ↓

It all comes down to 3 main things.



Product placement is hard to be turned away, or switched off, or intentionally ignored (like people do when they go to make a cup of coffee during an ad break).

“Products are made in the factory,

but brands are created in the mind.” 

- Walter Landor





Do you remember FedEx, that was paramount to tell the “Cast Away” story. And do you think Tom Hanks would have survived without his only friend, Wilson?

Well, I don’t and you see – it is essential to have good friends in order to tell a better story.

And yet, there's more  

Welcome to the universe of Danger Island!

Danger Island inspired spin-off series for worldwide streaming and TV distribution.

Interactive take on the Danger Island adventure designed for mobile devices.


Real life installations that allow audiences to physically step inside the Danger Island world.

What do others think ↓

Here are some of my friends who've already jumped on board.

Last but not least  

It's more than just a light-hearted entertainment...


TOP Rescue experts have teached us actual techniques on how to survive extreme weather conditions and we'll pass

it  on in the movie.


We raise awareness on global warming.


We want to inspire kids to eat healthy. My whole existence is based on healthy food.

So ↓

Let's make our story the best one!

I don't know about you, but I feel this is a beginning of a beautiful friendship. So what do you say, we jump on Skype or meet up and see if we can take this thing to the next level! Just give me 30 minutes and I promise we'll be friends forever ;)

Yours truly, Flaia.


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