Branded entertainment is built into the core of all IMEPILT productions. Organic brand integrations in and around original productions that not just help sell products and services but help build the most valuable thing in business - brand recognition.

Marketing and branding expert Jean Noel Kapfefer has said: "Products are something that a company manufactures; brands are what the consumer buys." Today's society offers so many alternatives to the consumer and the decision will always fell for the familiar brand, that is determined by the brand awareness. The brand's advertising and all related marketing activities are primarily aimed at raising the brand's value. Brand's value is a set of beliefs and that are carried by consumers and retailers, but as well by the competitors. 

Our aim is to help you to achieve it. By integrating your brand organically to our 3D animated family stories and our world class IP. We will help you to connect your brand with experience, emotions, attitudes, lifestyles and loyalty.




The organic integration of your product, brand or service inside IMEPILT films, series, games and immersive experiences. This is an exciting international marketing and commercial opportunity in the center of original story universes, where your brand/product/service is integrated seamlessly into the productions. All integrations are always custom fit based on your expectations, goals and individuality. Contact us for more info!


All online and offline promotional productions that are created based on and in support of all IMEPILT story universes and their individual productions. This includes local and international web series, special events, ad-campaigns, branded competitions, merchandise deals etc. The possibilities are literally endless and always custom designed for your individual needs, goals and individuality. Contact us for more info!



“While listening and watching the process of creating an Estonian first 3D animated movie “Danger Island” I saw from each detail how professional, detail-oriented, extremely committed and motivated is the whole team. What caught my attention the most was the high quality of everything you do. “Danger Island” will most definitely find a place in everyone’s heart!”

- Lauri Toomsalu, Marketing Manager


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