October 4, 2018

Special pancakes at Savoy Boutique hotel's restaurant Mekk were waiting for our team for a long-long time. And oh, how we were waiting for the moment to finally taste these legendary pancakes! Well, there's a story behind why they're so long awaited and important for us. 

Barrett Garese rated them with 6 stars out of 5

As you may have noticed, we are extremely lucky to have Barrett Garese as our Chief Strategy Officer. When he visited Estonia for the very first time, Mekk restaurant pancakes just stole his heart - the best pancakes in the world, he said. Afterwards he couldn't keep his excitement back and simply wrote an ode to Savoy Boutique Hotel (because of the pancakes of course). Taryn Southern approves them as well. So the value of these pancakes rose by itself...

September 6, 2018

To a question: "What are you up for in this studio?" it's not possible to throw just a short answer: "Nah, just simply creating cartoons." Although it often gives an audience a clear-cut view of what these crazy Disney fans, in this just another Kopli building's 5th floor studio, are working on. To the question: "Why do you do what you do?" we could briefly respond: "We are realizing dreams." - "Khm...okay. But do you believe in what you do?" - "Well, yeah! And how else?" 

The path of the escape - the first milestone in the creation of the studio

IMEPILT Studios was established by Almondi Esco, nearly half and a year ago. The idea is straightly inspired by Almondi's dream, that has grew over the past 15 years into a realizable idea. For our CEO/Chief Creative Officer Almondi the es...

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